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It is a legal requirement that all new drivers of C1, C1E, 
C and CE vehicles (trucks) D1, D1E, D and 
DE vehicles (buses)complete and pass the CPC exam
 to gain their Driver CPC qualification.
The legal basis for the Driver CPC programme is 
EU Directive2003/59/EC which was transposed into 
Irish law in 2008 as SI No 359.
The legislation, which is enforced by An Garda Síochána 
and RSA Transport Officers, sets out penalties for driving 
without a valid Driver CPC.
Topics covered during Course:

-Eco driving.
-Minimising risk.
-Health and safety.
-Role of the professional driver in the transport industries.
-The professional truck driver.
-The professional bus driver.
-Advanced driving training based on safety regulations.
-Know the characteristics of the transmission system
-Best possible use of braking systems
-Optimising of fuel consumption.
-The ability to load the vehicle with due regard 
for safety rules and proper vehicle use. 
-Ability to secure the load type of packaging and pallets.

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